Thursday, 23 June 2011


Wow, don't I just have the gift for awesome, witty blog titles...

Oh my, this post is super overdue! I feel like I do that all the time - make plans and lists of things I'm dying to blog about then then end up leaving it all so late that I have to bung 'em all together into one hideous-Frankenstein- mishmash of about ten different non-connected things?

^ GAHD, one too many coffee's much? Anyway... Firstly let me thank few bloggy folk:

A couple of weeks ago I won Fritha Louise's giveaway on The Fish Tank - a blog I've been stalking reading for ages as I love Fritha's effortless style and magical trouser-wearing abilities. Seriously, the girl can wear the SHIZ out of a pair of trousers. Go see what I mean.

So yeah, the giveaway was a voucher for online shoe shop Zalando (I am loving their new roffle-worthy advert on telly with the wummin screaming, then the bf screaming then the delivery man screaming - AHHH!)

After a few weeks of humming and hawing I think I've decided on a new pair of Doc Martens. The pair I have at the mo are the brown shearling-lined ones which are amazing for winter - practically lived in them at the end of last year - but now it's allegedly warming up for summer I reckon I could be doing with a new pair. I can't decided between these two colours, whaddya reckon?

UHHHFT It's like Sophie's Choice up in here.

But anyway, yes, mega thanks to Fritha and Zalando!

Secondly I must, must, MUST thank Ann from Girl in the City Glasgow for picking me up a truly amazing goody bag from the Scottish Fashion Awards the other night. You guys can read all about the glittering event over at her blog, or at Kirsten's and Morven's as well...

Inside the amazing bag were loads of gorgeous smellies, including literally hunners of products from the Organic Surge range, and Label M dry shampoo which I LOVE!

But my favourite product is most definitely the little bottle of gorgeousness that is Untitled L`Eau by Maison Martin Margiela:

According to some fancy-shmancy perfume website, this is "an aromatic fragrance for women and men with top notes of citrus, mandarin orange and Amalfi lemon; middle notes of African orange flower, green notes and mint."


It's fresh at first but settles into a really gorgeous warm, comforting scent. I spritzed myself with it before I went to bed last night and had a WONDERFUL sleep - is that a bit weird? Hmm. Anyway, I love it cos it's not too floral or girly, clearly since it's a unisex fragrance, and it reminds me a lot of two of my other favourite perfumes in the whole world - Jo Malone's 154 cologne and Prada's Infusion D'Iris.

So aye, total winner all round :)

Thanks again ladies, really feeling the blog love recently <3

One last thing - if any Scottish ladies are at a loose end tomorrow night, can I recommend y'all head to the Heriot-Watt fashion show at the Dovecot in Edinburgh? I wrote a little preview of it for The Skinny (which you can read HERE) and I'd love to go, but I'm actually heading off to a lodge at Gleneagles with my girlfriends this weekend so can't...

WHAT A SHAME! I'll have to make do with endless games of Ring of Fire, awesome banter, drunken twister, clay pigeon shooting (?!) Crossroads marathons and junkfood. GUTTER!!!

No, but really, you should go...

PSSST! I reviewed Emmy The Great's new album Virtue for The List which you can read HERE, and may I recommend you go buy it. It's a truly beautiful album - that girl can SING summat amazing.


Rachel said...

Oooh love the DMs, not sure I could choose between either! Mmm I bet that MMM smells gorgeous but it's super duper expensive for the "normal" size one I think!? xx

girlinthecity said...

you're welcome toots - glad you liked the goodies, and weren't overcome with horror at the sight of me in my gym get up when I gave it to you ;) catch up (in non fleecy wear) soon xx

fritha louise said...

Ahh great minds, cause I have been stalking those two pairs of DMs for weeks now! My friends moaned last summer that every time they saw me I was wearing seasonally inappropriate black patent DMs, so I figured pastel blue or white ones would be far more appropriate, non?
Very jealous of your MMM perfume. Not that I have actually smelled it myself yet, but everyone says it's amazing, so I've already decided I need it.

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