Tuesday, 2 November 2010


So, the long-awaited release of Kate Moss' final collection for Topshop finally landed today. After her last few collections I was expecting a bit of a mixed bag from the Moss-meister, and yes, that's exactly what we got.

Firstly, The Good:

The iconic panther dress - can anyone remember what season this is from? Pretty damn hot, if you are a flat-chested leggy model of course!

The limited edition embellished dress. Love this. Possibly my favourite from the collection. I can practically feel how heavy it would be to wear and how deliciously it would hang. Nice one.

The limited edition glitter velvet playsuit. Very in keeping with Mossy's whole sexy boudoir vibe and I love the tie waist and deep v-neck. Casually elegant, this could be a contender for this year's Christmas Party Dress.

The limited edition beaded playsuit. Firstly, dusky pink is NOT my colour at all, but I had to include this rival contender for CPD. Reminds me of Clemence Posey's character in Gossip Girl. Exquisite - nuff said.

The limited edition crochet-lace hem hippy dress. Catchy! This is another one I would be unlikely to actually wear, but I couldn't overlook it. Just gorgeous, especially the peter-pan collar and sleeves. Actually, I maybe would wear this with gothic jewellery, killer heels and maybe a dark plum lip... hmm...

The limited edition paisley-print poncho. Only 100 made of these beauties and they are all GONE online. I shudder to think how much they'll be going for on eBay! Everything about this is right. Want!

Next, the Not So Good:

The oriental slip. Generic and overpriced at £55. This is literally all I could muster up to say about this - never a good sign.

The scallop-detail leather jacket. Just... Wrong! Buttons? Broderie? Cropped? No thanks.

The rib panel jumper dress. I know the same could be said for any of these pieces, but this more than the others could literally be from anywhere. Moss, are you having a giraffe?

The limited edition diamonte shift dress. Blah. Boring. Snore.

The iconic heavy beaded dress. Didn't like this the first time, like it even less this time. Looks cheap and tacky somehow?

The slash panel swing dress. OK, I'm literally asleep.
Like I say, a right mixed bag. I was really excited about the "iconic" pieces but got to be honest - most let down by them. There were so many other amazing things to bring back - like the faux-fur coat from a few seasons ago - remember the one? I thought I'd recognise more but the only ones that stood out were the red pansy-print wrap dress and the sequined number above (not for the right reasons either).
I guess the penultimate collection from Moss has followed suit with the others - a couple of stand out gems amongst the rest -generally over-priced and bland.
Thoughts, lovelies?


Little Miss Curious said...

gosh, i love'em all ♥


Anonymous said...

i hate how expensive all kate moss's stuff is.. there's some really nice peices but i'll never be able to afford most of them, especially the dresses. i love the first panther dress and the beaded playsuit though :) xo

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