Saturday, 6 November 2010


GwenDelicious on Etsy makes rings and necklaces out of, amongst other things, vintage typewriter keys and brass letterpress fittings. How cool is THAT!

These are the pieces on my wishlist for Christmas.

Various typewriter key pendants

Vintage freemasons pendant.

Hand-painted bumblebee necklace

Letter K brass letterpress from vintage typewriter

SHIFT typewriter key ring

Cross penknife necklace.
See ya, wages!
Also, I'm considering making this a regular feature since I adore Etsy for random vintage and handmade things, and I love trawling it for hours 'favouriting' the best of the best. Would this sort of feature be something you'd like to see say once a week or so? Come on, handful of followers, speak up!
Maybe my Etsy obsession is a little out of control. Lemme know, ken?


Freja said...

This jewelery is so cool! Loving it.
I have got the September Issue actually. Love it. It is better than Devil but it's different:)


Kirsty said...

I know, awesome right?
Ha I know what u mean, Devil is good too but I feel like it's always on!

Little Miss Curious said...

Gosh... love those... ♥
Thank you for lovely comment♥


The Robyn Diaries said...

Ahhh the penknife cross is amazing! I would always feel safe at night haha

R x

Anonymous said...

these are all so cute! i love the bumble bee one :) thankyou for following :) xo

Louder Than Silence said...

Oh my, I love love love the typewriter necklace - I'm adding it to my Christmas list now! Thanks for sharing (and also for your sweet comment the other day) :)

Sally x

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