Monday, 22 November 2010


While perusing my friend Carlin's blog, I discovered this trailer:

EEEEK! Now, if I'm honest, I don't much care for the Beats... On The Road is frankly, for me, too long and rambling and over-hyped. CONTROVERSIAL I know but there it is.

Howl by Allen Ginsberg however is an altogether different story...

Affecting, beautiful, crude, violent, tender - a work of pure literary genius that gives something different and special each time it's read. *SIGH*

However, what with another of my American favourites - The Great Gatsby - being made into a film too (Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay and Carey Mulligan as Daisy - SWOON!) I can't help but feel nervous these might not translate to the big screen. Especially Gatsby. It's so atmospheric, touching and haunting, I fail to see how a film can live up to its awesomeness.

Anyway, Howl should hopefully be a safe bet I reckon, since it's not an adaptation of the poem (thank God - the mind literally boggles!) but rather an exploration of the obscenity trial Ginsberg faced after its publication. Plus, James Franco. Nuff said.

What do we all think?

Also, if you haven't read Howl or Gatsby, you absolutely MUST. Your life depends on it.

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