Monday, 7 November 2011


This weekend I had just about the BEST wee Sunday ever! I started off at the Whims-Icle Affair vintage & craft fair at the Church on the Hill (a Shawlands landmark) with my pal Kirsten and her sister Mhairi.

The whole upstairs level was literally crammed to the rafters with over 50 stalls selling vintage & handmade clothing and accessories. AKA heaven...


Fell in love with this beauty, only £4! Bargain!

One of many fur jackets and coats. SWOON.

Love the little squinty clock-face charm.

Brooch anyone?

Kirsten and I working the cool vintage glecks and cupcake combo.

Kirsten almost died at the sight of these pistol earrings and pendants. Cos she's a goff.

Mood music! These guys were actually BRILLIANT!

More amazing rings... Literally had to tear myself away.

Inspecting shiz.

Loving the canny sales technique.

Me, Mhairi and KSpoon.

Whims-Icle Affairs are hosting a Christmas fair on the 4th of December (keep an eye on their Facebook for deets) and I totally recommend you pop by if you can. In particular I was MEGA impressed with the abundance and quality of the jewellery and accessories!

Since it was one of those beautiful, crisp, wintry days we decided to take a wee wander round the stunning grounds of Pollok House - another southside institution. Hunners of dogs, old folk, kids and cyclists were all out in force making the most of the day :)

Our new best pal...

All in all such a lovely little day, finished off with a couple of bottles of red wine at our local - OBV! Talk about a wondrous set up for the week... :)

By the by, in case anyone cares, my coat, boots and tights are from Toppers and the bag is Mulberry.


Lisa said...

TSK! I never bothered my arse to pop into the Whimsicle fair. I'm 2 minutes down the road as well. It looked awesome! That'll learn me...

Kirsten Read said...

*sigh* I miss the south side, can't wait to move back! I keep missing craft/vintage fairs ... annoying! Looked great ... oh and HAI MHAIRI!! Yeah! ;) xx

Sadie said...

I love vintage fairs, this one looks brilliant!! I also love your coat :) xx

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