Thursday, 3 November 2011


Jeeze, check me being all LAX on the blogging front - totes off my game guys! Been pretty busy with Halloween weekend, working and some other manic family dramz... Plus, if I'm totally honest my fashion mojo has been sagging all paunchy and middle-aged-like recently. I seem to have lost the ability to get dressed in the morning, and instead I just stand staring at my wardrobe mumbling mournfully and talking to myself like a loon - "No, that definitely needs an iron. No, that's totally way too summery..." etc.

Like, today, I'm dressed as some kind of freaky librarian and I actually left the house with MIS-MATCHED SHOES ON, I kid you not. They are scarily similar, both from Urban Outfitters and both black, but still... GET A GRIP WUMMIN.

It's weird because after last week's ITCOW (what a show! Fair Feathered Friend was the standout collection for me - stunning!) I was all hyped up fashion-wise, but I'm definitely riding some sort of cruel comedown now :(

What I need is INSPIRATION. And gladly I've found some in teal knitwear, brown leather and Winter Kate! HURRAH AND HALLELUJAH!

Yes, it's just a vintage jumper from Etsy, yes it was only £12 but check out that COLOUR! Oh, jeeze, the colour is totally keeping me going man. The only thing on my list I've actually bought, I can't wait to wear this with my brown shearling Docs, gold Michael Kors watch and a top-knot. I just can't wait. Perfect, oversized-teal jumper, where have you been all my life?!

I first saw the black version of this All Saints Rally Jacket on Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast like a bazillion months ago and mentally checklisted it as one to lust over, but since I've been online and had a look I think I definitely prefer the brown version, what do you reckon? Black is always my go-to colour for leather, but I'm starting to think a sturdy, brown leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, don't you? Would go perfectly with my cream scarf and bobble hat from Toppers, and of course, that teal jumper... J'adore!

Cream Winter Kate by Nicole Ritchie tunic dress.
60s-tastic and perfectly party-season appropriate, I'd wear this with black opaques, dishevelled updo, bare lips, tonnes of eyeliner and chunky black heels. Be MIIIINE!

Winter Kate by Nicole Ritchie silk and velvet open jacket.
I don't even know if I have the words to describe how much I love this. It makes my heart hurt.
Winter Kate by Nicole Ritchie cropped silk and velvet jacket.
 Ditto this little cropped number, with added Paisley print for an extra million cool points.

Winter Kate by Nicole Ritchie gold sequin backless dress.
Sadly I don't have any Christmas parties lined up yet that would warrant me spending a few hundred quid on this (even though all the Winter Kate range is available on The Outnet, it's still a bit pricey) but as soon as I get something locked down this is going in my basket. Like YESTERDAY!

So yeah, drooling over these lovelies is helping to gradually pull me from my almighty fashion funk, but I don't quite feel all the way there yet. Any tips/inspiration blogs I could be having a gander at? Cheers for sticking with me bloggies!

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Lima said...


Also loving anything wine, burgundy, oxblood. Topshop have got some gorgeous skinnies in deep red shades. Ahhhh, love a/w fashion! xxo

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