Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Guess who's back...back again?
Kirsty's back...tell yer pals!

I wonder just HOW MANY blogs I've started with a grovelling apology for yet another extended leave of absence? At least 4 in the last 6 months I'd reckon, and it has GOT TO STOP!

Like a long term relationship gone stale, I’m ashamed to admit I got bored and just stopped trying. I neglected FFS and found that the more I did, the guiltier I felt, and the harder it was to make the first move. Naturally I began to look for my kicks elsewhere and sought comfort in the shape of Netflix and, God forbid, real life people and experiences. I know, I feel dirty. Whenever I DID have the slightest inkling to blog, I did what every guilty person does and ignored it. It was just easier to stay away than try and fix things gone so wrong…

But, HEY, last week I had an epiphany and I realised I’m not ready to give up on my love for FFS (EVEN WITH its dodgy, dated layout), I’m ready to fight for it. So here I am, being the mature one, making the first move, and telling you guys, IT WASN’T OVER, IT’S STILL NOT OVER!!

What prompted this turnaround? Last week I received an email asking if I wanted to take part in a late-night styling challenge at Buchanan Galleries in celebration of Glasgow city centre shops staying open later now (till 7 instead of just 6…which is convenient). Initially my reaction was OW HELLLL NO. Styling a street-facing window of Buchanan Galleries for Spring/Summer, and AGAINST THE CLOCK no less? Pretty much as far out of my comfort zone as I could get at the moment.

You see, I’ve become somewhat of a fashion hermit, and I’m not sure what happened. I still scour loads of blogs obsessively, all my old faves, and read magazines, watch YouTube videos, all about fashion, style and trends. But when it comes to putting any of it into practice, I find myself in black leggings, long jersey tops and a parka most weekends, and skirts and shirts most weekdays. SIMPLY PUTL: THE DEFINITION OF A RUT.

Something needed to change, and maybe this could be it?! Time to start saying YES to things. Time to start running towards fun, challenging opportunities, instead of away from them. I’m tired of declining invitations and picking the easiest option. It’s just BORING. I replied that I would do it before I could change my mind…

And last night was the night. Armed with a few willing helpers (see bezzie and bf) I hopped to it, perspiring excessively with anxiety throughout. TMI, don’t act like y’all can’t handle it.

One hour to pick three looks for Spring/Summer 2014 and some background props, and one hour to style. I had no clue what I was doing, except from a few vague ideas like “pastels” and “girly” and “florals.” The reality turned out a little differently, but I’m still pretty pleased with it…



The finished window.

PHEW. Yes, it was stressful. But ultimately HUNNERS of fun, which was sort of the point.

I ended up grabbing loads of brightly coloured block pieces and bold florals, which wasn’t really what I had planned beforehand, but those were the things that jumped out at me most. And I figure eye-catching is key for window dressing, right? Although, who the hell knows – I’ve never done it before! I had notions of styling the whole thing around the Pantone colour of the year, Radiant Orchid, but I found it hard to find enough pieces in this very niche lilacy pink... Never mind!

I think my favourite elements are the chunky pink jumper draped over the slinky orange top, and the pink leopard-print fine-knit top tucked into the silky floral shorts. The mixture of those two elements really appeals to me, and I have GOT to start playing with contrasting patterns and textures in real life. I wanted it to look like a fun and maybe slightly heightened version of stuff I really would wear, or at least really WANT to wear, when the nights start getting longer and warmer.

I found myself stressing about the background more than anything else! The little step ladders and fake flowers looked good, but what I really wanted to do was hang bunches of flowers tied with ribbon down from the roof at odd angles and lengths, but frankly that was beyond my capabilities and impossible in an hour. But still, how COOL would that have been?!

Anyway, yes. That’s what I came up with in 2 hours. Not a long time, and those mannequins were a frickin NIGHTMARE, let me tell you. Major snaps to Visual Merchandisers everywhere.

A new blogger is taking on the challenge every night this week. Last night was the formidable Claire from Bee Waits and tonight is the turn of Ann from Frock Trade. Head down for moral support if you’re around, and if you take a SELFIE in front of the window, tweet it with the hashtag #latenightstyle @peoplemakeGLA for a chance to win £50 vouchers. Free monies innit. The winner of the challenge will be announced at the weekend, but to be honest I’m just proud I didn’t say no to this, like I was really tempted to do. That’s winning enough for me.

So. Safe to say THAT chucked me back in at the deep end, but I’m determined to keep FFS afloat, so thanks again for sticking with me. I’ll be posting way more regularly from now on, and it feels GOOD J



BeautyH2T said...

mate you have done an AMAZING job, those colours are so incredible. huge well done to you mrs x

cwalla said...

You're like a young Gok Wan. No but seriously you've done an amazing job pal, proud of your keen eye for colour and pattern. Do this for a job and give me free stuff. WE SHALL TOAST YOU THIS EVENING!!!Xxx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

It looks amazing! I've been trying to do sneaky early finished all week to get down but it's not worked out yet - today I managed an early finish then got chatted into a gym class instead of hanging around town to see what was happening, think I'm doomed to not be part of the fun :(

In happier news - I'm glad you're back ;)

P said...

It looks great - really eyecatching!x

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