Thursday, 21 November 2013


GOD how I wish Almost Famous had been directed by Meadham Kirchhoff. If it had, Kate Hudson and Anna Paquin and the rest would have been swanning about in this SUPERCUTE getup from the designer duo's fourth collection for Topshop, on sale NOW. And how awesome would THAT have been?!

Inspired by The Cherrys - a fictional girl band slash gang from the 70s - the collection is classic Meadham Kirchhoff. Loads of PVC, fur, angora, frills, pattern and embellishment. It's everything I love about these guys, and I can AFFORD IT which is nice! Well, some of it...

 Need. This. Dress.

I love that Meadham Kirchhoff don't tend to water down their aesthetic too much for Topshop. Typically, other designers (JW Anderson?) do dilute their style to suit the retail market, with the exception of MAYBE Maison Martin Margiela for H&M which kept quite true to catwalk, and of course these dudes.

It's refreshing. Topshop's market is PERFECT for the Meadham Kirchhoff vision and I'm glad they consistently recognise this and give us all what we want...Mentalness for the masses, please, and lots of it!

For example, some favourites:

I desperately wanted the pentagram dress but I couldn't see it online so settled for this cute angora jumper instead. I have also just seen the lunchbox and am 1000% going back for that. You know it.


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