Thursday, 27 March 2014


I have to be honest and say that Debenhams isn't ever my first port of call when the seasons change and I fancy a shop of the new high street collections. I'm sure I'm not alone in this among my peer group (mid twenties. OK, mid to late...), right?

I ADORE the Debenhams beauty hall in Argyle Street since they've done it all up, and I've seen me buy the odd bag or two from Betty Jackson, and a few pairs of shoes, or gifts for my Dad/Mum/Gran, but never do I really consider schlepping around floor upon floor of womenswear. I'm not sure why... Maybe memories of weekends spent trawling there with my Mum, or trying on a multitude of taffeta gowns in a hellish 27 Dresses style montage for 6th year prom has put me off. For whatever reason, it's just never been somewhere I shop.

Come to think of it, department store shopping in general is becoming less frequent or enjoyable for me. The perks of being sat at a computer all day means more and more of my clothes shopping is done online, and even my window shopping, so I can make up lists of items I want from particular stores and just head straight in on a mission. MINIMAL FANNYING ABOUT.

BUT, to continue this whole SAYING YES TO STUFF mantra I've been trying out lately (and loving bee tee dubz), when a wee invite popped into my inbox to a presentation of the new Debenhams SS14 collection launch, I decided to go along and have a swatch.

I was pleasantly surprised.

The expected trends were obviously on show, brights, pastels, florals, texture and embellishment, but cut on clean lines, sophisticated shapes and altogether stylish separates. Debenhams have also gone hard at the IT colour of the season, PINK, but in a refreshing fuschia shade, contrasting it with reds, which I'm enjoying. There's only so much Pepto-Bismol pastel pink one person can take.

These Red Herring scuba floral separates are amaze, and a contender for a slightly-edgier wedding outfit I'll be in needs of over the summer...

Another thing I was OBVIOUSLY totally smitten with was the skincare presentation. Despite saying I love the Debenhams beauty hall, I really mean the MAKEUP section of the beauty hall. I do the majority of my skincare shopping online now or in Whole Foods, and I was surprised and delighted to see that Debenhams actually stock the likes of Balance Me and Trilogy, both of which carry staple products for me(balancing moisturiser and rosehip oil respectively) and are quality brands well worth checking out.

I also got chatting to a lovely assistant, whose name now escapes me, who talked me through luxury tanning brand Vita Liberata, also stocked by Debenhams now. I kind of switched off during the fake tan talk, but then we got to discussing their Capture the Light collection of skin illuminators/primers and I was riveted.

A pearly, irridescent liquid with an SPF 25, that dries down to a demi matte finish, these can be used on legs, arms, decolletage and the face to give a beautiful glow, and come in a variety of finishes from opal to pink, to peach to bronzed. I absolutely fell in love with the Latte Light shade which gives a delicious, subtle tanned glow to the skin. A pump of this mixed with foundation would be absolutely PERF for summer, I imagine. Sign me right up!

Oh, and I also spotted another cult skincare brand OLE HENRIKSEN, previously only available on the likes of Feel Unique and Cult Beauty. How FAB! I'm super excited to try out products from the Danish, natural brand, but none moreso than their brightening, vitamin C packed Truth Serum, which I was lucky enough to receive in my goodybag. Rubbing my hands together with glee here, OBV.

All in all, a lovely night that I'm glad I didn't shy away from. I'm looking at Debenhams a little differently now, and I guess that's the point. Shopping, for me, has become altogether faster, more solitary and maybe a little joyless for it, so perhaps I need to set aside a couple of days and take a trip round the likes of Debs, Frasers, and John Lewis. We're spoiled here in Glasgow with several prestigious department stores on our doorstep, and it's time I reminded myself of what makes them so great.


Abigail. said...

I wish they'd spruce up Edinburgh's Debenhams... its beauty hall is TRAGIC. There's just something a bit untidy and disorganised about Debenhams that I don't like... and their shops all look very dated. But good for them getting all these cool brands in! And I love the look of those necklaces.

Kirsty said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I used to feel Glasgow Argyle St was very tired, but the beauty hall is so snazzy now, and I feel they're really making more effort with their Designers at Debenhams stuff, and even own brand... It's never going to be super cutting edge fashion I guess, but tidy and organised is really the least you'd expect!

P said...

Loving those necklaces!

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