Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I've had this post fired up and ready to go for days but things have been getting on top of me a bit and I've hardly had a spare minute. GOD KNOWS when an Oscar's red carpet round up will get done, AND I was at London Fashion Weekend just there and have hunners of pictures from that to upload too... ARGH! Plus, yi know, real life shiz needs doing too, like paying parking trickets, taxing the car, getting a haircut, spending time with pals...

Could do with a few days just to catchup with everything, know what I mean? All these self-imposed deadlines really suck, especially on top of ACTUAL deadlines, but I guess I maybe need to give myself a bit of a break. Prioritising is tough.

HOWEVER, I can't ignore Meadham Kirchhoff's AW13 collection. Totally jaw-dropping.

After a candy-bright couple of seasons, MK went DARK for AW13. Although the feel was more menacing, with touches of the Victorian Gothic and Japanese Lolita style, it was no less impressively opulent.

Ed and Ben described the collection as a sort of flip-side to their last - in other words , where last season was about over-the-top extravagance and luxury without consequence, this was meant to represent the dark side of striving for the extremes of perfection.

People often describe Meadham Kirchhoff collections as "moving." I have to say, I'd never really felt that myself, although they are one of my favourite design duos and always astound and stun me, I've never felt MOVED emotionally by them before...

But a weird thing happened with this collection. I first saw the images last week when I was having a bit of a shitty time, frankly. Just dealing with some crappy stuff over a rubbish few days - one of those times when you know you've really made a huge mess of something and can't turn it around... where you're frustrated with yourself and upset and CANNOT reign your feelings in. Yeah, THAT. Anyway, it was in this mood that I flicked through these images and found myself feeling like I was looking at a funeral. I felt totally overwhelmed with this weird sense of grief and loss, like something REALLY important was ending.

Extremely weird I know (it was a weird week) but I'm sure, even if I wasn't in this gloomy mindset, I'd still have felt something similar looking at this collection. I feel as though I've invested A PART OF myself in Meadham Kirchhoff and that I'm on a journey with them, of sorts. I guess everyone feels that way about their favourite bands or artists or authors or whatever, and designers are no different. But, yes, this was the first time I felt actually moved by a collection, and I'm glad it was Meadham Kirchhoff to do it.

Do I sound clinically insane? SORRYNOTSORRY.

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