Thursday, 14 February 2013


OHHHH I've missed this!


Marion Cotillard killing it in a svelter, more peplumy version of THAT Dior dress that JLaw so GALUMPHINGLY wrestled with at the SAG awards, except in a stunning lemon yellow which is by far the hotter hue. Combined with an orange lippy and statement necklace, Marion's the best dressed of the night for me. Obsessed with the design of that gown. Just total sexy genuis, no?

I know, I know, boring again but Anne looks genuinely pretty, relaxed and happy here. It's a nice change as I feel like I've been seeing her look a bit PINCHED and uncomfortable recently. Stop losing so much weight Anne! Really like the shiny studded (?) detail on the Tshirt part of this Burberry Prorsum dress and I like that it stays quite cropped. Do I love it though? MEH. Nah.

Yay! Hurrah for a quality trouser suit! Not enough of these on the red carpet and I'm so glad it's Carrie... I mean SJP rocking this look. I normally hate a keyhole neckline detail but with the velvety fabric, choker-style necklace and freshly straightened hair (due a comeback?) this feels sort of 90s and I'm LOVING that retro vibe. I'm sure this look will divide critics but SJP the smize-master brought it for me. BAYUM!

Jessica Chastain looks like she's ACTUALLY glowing from within
here, no? It's weird, and amazing, and I love it! Electric blue taffeta (or whatever this is) is a hard colour and fabric combo to pull off without looking tacky and cheap, but Jess is winning with her big grin, 40s waves and alabaster skin. Wish she'd taken off those blue jewels though and just gone for white diamonds.

Hummed and hawed over this for ages but my wee soft spot for Amy Adams JUST edged this into a win. I'm not a fan of the big front split, but let's ignore that and look at the pretty lace and embroidery detailing. Glam and sweet at the same time. Like the ruby touch in her earrings but wish she'd gone for a bold lip.

FINALLY JLaw's got her mojo back! Sort of. Maybe? UBER Glum face, but digging that wet-look slicked-back hair and the jewelled Dior gown fits like a glove. Is it just me though, or is she looking a little on the skinny side? I've gone off her a bit recently if I'm honest. I used to think she was hilarious in interviews and stuff but now I feel she's actually a bit of a try hard. Still, I digress, she looks hot. Dressing well on the red carper is obviously an issue so well done.


Oh Sarah Silverman, I feel for you... Halternecks SEEM like such a good idea at the time don't they? Deceptive bastards. I've yet to see one halter-necked gown actually look GOOD and this is no exception. And all that rusching around the middle? NAW.


Caroline GHOSTFACE Flack in a boring, totally underwhelming dress that would have benefitted massively from a chic up-do. I find Flacky majorly offensive in every way and can't even continue typing words about her... 



*screeeech* HOLDUP (nanananana). OK, I'm sorry, but WHAT? WHAAAAAT? What even is this?! Ignoring whatever's going on with the face, which is practically impossible as it's so captivating in its horror like a freaking motorway pile up, but for GODSAKE Claudia Winkelshite, brush your hair, take off your tights and put on a proper shoe, you're at the BAFTAs! Dress is disgusting, hair is a riot, face is out of control. I can't even deal...

The opposite of Marion's yellow Dior awesomeness. The cut is dated and the flashback makes the fabric look cheap and crappy. And please lob that awful Dune clutch into the crowd immediately. It's a shame because I see potential for red carpet glory in Andrea Riseborough but she can be very hit or miss. MISS.

Again, Gemma is a babe of life and can sometimes be SO GOOD on the red carpet but every now and again she'll go and do something stupid like this. I mean, WHY? I can respect a bold choice, but this is rubbish and does nothing for her bang tidy rack. BOO.


Mairead said...

OH YEAH I love these posts. Cotillard was my winner too. Aside from her, everyone else was so beige. You are right about Annie, she looked comfortable which made her look good but the dress was blah. Also, totes agree with J LAw - she kinda looks like she can't be arsed anymore. Haha Thandie Newton does look like a flamenco dancing Diana Ross, still a beautiful one though. Gemma Arterton.. Woe is me. She is such a pretty girl and had lovely make up on but this - NO. She wore a beautiful floral gown to a premiere a few weeks ago (that I want plz), which would've been so much better. Andrea Riseborough NAW. There is something about her that does my head in, she kinda looks like a china doll xxx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

I have so much love for Helen Mirren, but I have no justification for wtf that whole effort was. And Claudia Winkleman looks a bit like what I imagine something from that Paris Hilton horror movie House of Wax would look like.

Love love LOVE SJP though <3

LynseyMac said...

Your comments on Claudia Winkleman's bizarre ensemble honestly had me laughing, I have no idea what that dress was all about! Loved Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence, but I've gone off her a little bit too lately!

Lynsey xx

Llara G said...

I literally HATE the transparent bit on Marion's dress but LOVE everything else about it! Man!
And, I nearly died when I saw the Winkle there. For someone whose wardrobe I ordinarily covet HARD, this is a farce!

cowbiscuits. said...

why the fuck has helen miram got a pink rinse? JESUS!!!!

P said...

Marion looked amazing - then again, she always does. Sickening.

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