Monday, 18 February 2013


I know, I know, I'm massively late posting about ANYTHING to do with New York Fashion Week since London Fashion Week is in full swing already, let alone a review of Alexander Wang AW13 which was at the beginning of the month - eons ago in fashion time.

But I don't care. You guys know I'm an utter Wangaphile so it's to be expected, right?

Here's some of the details from his AW13 show inspired by BOXING. Models strutted the catwalk to Eye of the Tiger... Totes apropes.*


I totally love the bleary-eyed effect, as if I'm looking at this collection straight after being punched in the face... Any texture (wool, mohair, fur) was brushed back to stand up and out, creating this air of foggyness and blurred any harsh edges, which sits in contrast to the sharp, angular feel of his last collection.

I also thought it was so cool how he mirrored the style of those dressing gowns boxers are always slinging on in between rounds, with the dropped waist details, drapery and tie fastenings on jackets and jumpers, along with boxing gloves made of fur and obviously those balaclava snood head-protector things...

It may have been softer round the edges, but it was still classic Wang. Oversized, leather, outerwear, shades of grey - you'd know it a mile off. This is why I love Wang, his collections are instantly recognisable but at the same time totally unique to each other, with genius inspiration that's both obvious and subtle, and it always works on several different levels.

Waaaah!! I could not be ANY MORE PUMPED for Balenciaga at PFW!

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Mannequins Dream said...

the shoes with the socks are soo cute!! :D xx

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