Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Kate Moss is 40!

OK, 39, but, like, ALMOST 40! Sorry to make you feel old but it's a fact.

My feelings about her have always been weirdly conflicted...

Here's the thing. I think Kate Moss *the person* is a bit of a bint. She can be VERY irritating in interviews (giggling, smoking, swearing, putting on stupid voices and generally acting like a fud) and sometimes appears to be incredibly THICK. I mean, getting caught snorting coke in a jakey toilet? How skanky, Kate, it's not like you're massively famous or nowt. Plus, remember those awful Pete Doherty years? I think we'd rather all forget THAT happened. Oh, and "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," right? WRONG mate, mon with me for a Nandos and join us in the REAL WORLD.

But that's ridiculous, because Kate Moss *the model* doesn't exist in the real world - she's like some perfect, mythical being, and as soon as someone snaps her picture, gone are all the horrible bintish things about her I hate, and instead she's transformed into the biggest and best supermodel of all time. Ever. An idol, a deity, and I'm captivated. I can't look away. It's like she's half pain-in-the-ass and half ACTUAL goddess and the only distinguishing factor is a camera.

Jeeze. Anyway, my favourite Mossy is early 90s Mossy. 15-year-old Mossy from The Face and the cover of Vogue '93 and THAT Calvin Klein campaign etc... In particular Mossy by pal and photographer Corinne Day who sadly died in 2010. Day managed to catch a young Kate Moss better than anyone else, probably because the two were pals and you're always comfier getting your wazzos out in front of someone you know, right?

Jokes aside, these shots are amazing, still, and her best. Surreal to think they were taken over 20 years ago.

Isn't that last one EVERYONE'S favourite picture of Kate Moss? I had a rubbish print out of this up on my bedroom door for years and years. Actually, I've no idea what happened to that... Must see if I can get another that's not of such a grainy Epson printer quality.

But yeah, you get my drift. Kate the person, not so much. Kate the model, there's no one to touch her. Happy almost-40th.


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