Tuesday, 29 January 2013


It's easy to forget Elle Fanning is just 14 years old, especially when she photographs as beautifully as she does in this recent shoot for Bullett Magazine:

Modelling the likes of Jil Sander, Christopher Kane, Chanel, Rodarte and Giles like a PRO

The accompanying interview talks about her certain Virgin Suicides, Angela Chase-type quality, given her "tender, distinctly mid-’90s languidness" and I'd have to agree - something about that long, messy blonde hair, gangly adolescent awkwardness and slightly miserable coupin says young 90s Lux Lisbon to me, no?

I can't find information on Bullett's website RE credits, but whoever did the creative direction and post-production, MAD PROPS - totally loving the visual impact of these shots, and I normally find adding effects afterwards really pointless and distracting, but here it all makes sense. And ditto with the makeup... Anyone for a  glossy orange eye ?

The shoot and interview are promo pieces for the upcoming theatre release of Ginger and Rosa (think it's already been out in the US?) which looks decent...

However the GOFF (and Coppola fan) in me is more excited for Twixt, released in spring/summer time...



beewaits said...

YES. Total getting some heavy virgin suicides vibes off this. Don't know if I could rock an orange eye shadow but dayum I think I may have to try x

judith said...

Bonitas imágenes!!!!!

GeorginaGoodman said...

great pics

Check out my latest post

Hannah Campbell said...

Elle Fanning is stunning! Great pictures.

http://hannahrebekahcampbell.blogspot.com xxx

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