Thursday, 19 July 2012


Back in June I spotted this Vanessa Mooney necklace on the ever-stylish Morven's blog and fell head-over-heels in love with it. Like for real. It's all I could think about for weeks. HOW. SAD. AM. I?

But at over £200 it was just a tad out of my budget. OK, it was WAY out of my budget! Luckily for me I discovered Calypte Collection on Etsy, run by the lovely Carol, who, after a few emails back and forth, managed to cobble together this almost-identical necklace for £20!

The spikes are a little larger and I opted to have the smaller chain in gunmetal instead of silver, but it's sufficiently similar to the designer version to warrant some MASSIVE swoonage, right?

Carol emailed me a few other versions including this badass one which I ummed and ahhed about for a while... 

Awesome, right? But in the end I'm more than happy with the one I decided on. You should check out Carol's shop for more chunky chains and spikes if that's yer cup of tea, plus she's uber flexible and creative so if you have something specific in mind she'll knock it up for you no bother. Sawwted.

What jewellery have you guys been obsessing over recently?


Sadie said...

That necklace is gorgeous and I love the bracelet too :) xx

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

That necklace is amazing - what a piece to own!

Vinny MS said...

Hi, i am your new reader :)
I really love this post! I think all of this items are such a statement pieces. So pretty! <3 Greet from Indonesia, anyway :D

ps: i just looking for some new blogger friends. may be you want to come to my blog and just chat? i'd love to hear your reply! xx

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