Wednesday, 5 October 2011


Whilst in Venice last month, I picked myself up that iconic style bible that is Vogue Italia. Not just any old Vogue Italia, but the SEPTEMBER ISSUE of Vogue Italia. How many more times can I say Vogue Italia?

Anyway, Obviously it was the best 5 Euros I've ever spent in my puff! Absolutely massive, really more like a book than a magazine, it's totally packed to the rafters with the most stunning ads, editorials and features you've ever seen. Seriously.

None more so than the cover editorial of British model Stella Tennant channelling Ethel Granger - the woman who held the record for the smallest waist in the world - shot by Steven Meisel.

More ART than anything else, the collection of photos entitled The Discipline of Fashion are disturbing at first but ultimately I found them fascinating and beautiful. Now, I can't get enough of them:

(casually planking, obviously)

The original: Ethel Granger

Wait!! DON'T FREAK OUT like I did at first... Stella's waist isn't actually THAT tiny (though it is still really small) - it was actually photoshopped later to resemble Ethel's 13-incher. Ouchies!

Have a gander at the beautiful behind-the-scenes video for the shoot if you don't believe me.

What do you guys reckon about these photos. Creepy or strangely beautiful? I would never have said I was into extreme body-modification or whatevs, but something about the discipline and sheer determination taken to create this freaky look is pretty impressive. Respect.



Madame G said...

Tight lacing does actually freak me out a bit, but these photos are gorgeous. Of course they are - they're by the divine Steven Meisel!

Victoria'sProcrastinationProject said...

God you're right I did kind of freak out when I saw these tiny waists! haha. Makes me hungry!

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