Thursday, 27 October 2011


What a shock, I'm completely unprepared for Halloween this year! Seriously, it's SO unlike me, I've literally found myself with 2 days to come up with an awesome costume for a night out in town. DRAMZ! I still love both the dead Cleopatra, and last year's Bowie idea, but I'm just NOT confident in my own make-up artistry to pull them off or do them proper justice - especially Bowie. I defo don't wanna half ass Bowie. That's like some sort of crime.

Anyway, with a wardrobe already full-to-bursting of sheer black, cobweb knits, leather, platforms, PVC and fishnets, I expect I'll probably just pull together some kind of Gothic/witch attempt for Sat night. Cop out? Possibly. Still, work with what you got I guess.

In my dreams though, my uber-cool, thrown together Goth/witch outfit might look something like this...

Love this fishnet body suit from Tarantula Sisters - an Etsy fav of mine. I'd style it almost the same as they have, only with some high-waisted leather shorts instead. Loving the 90s black triangle bra too.

Looks a bit bare though, so I'd chuck on some intense body chains for extra Goth.

Chains available from Snefter on Etsy.

Instead of the classic witchy shoe, I'd go for the iconic Jeffrey Campbell Litas in black leather. They say, "I'm evil, but I'm sexy with it," right?

And OBVIOUSLY no self respecting Goth/witch would be seen dead (mwuhaaahahaaa) without her awesomely spooky Illamasqua green lip gloss. Duh.

Finally, yeah you could wear a witches hat but why would you want to when you could wear this amazing, creepy, vintage black wedding veil?

SHUDDER! Finish the look off with a spooky black cauldron for a bag (or PVC coffin backpack - we all had one!), a black cat, broomstick or a bunch of fake black roses...



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