Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Normally around this time I'd usually do a review of Topshop Unique's SS12 collection, but to be honest I wasn't really moved by it. I definitely didn't hate it like I  did last season's effort, but nor did I really love it either. So rather than try and hash something together about a collection I don't really care about, I thought I'd talk about one I DID.

Topman Design, the slightly lesser known, less cool brother of Topshop Unique has never really been on my radar. Menswear is really not my forte, but even to a layman like me, this collection absolutely reeks of an uber cool, 60s paisley, trippy, Moroccan/Indian, slightly modish vibe.

The Beatles in India

Indian Paisley print

Some of Topman Design's Paisley influences - pics from The Guardian

Paisley pattern also reminds me of the 90s (doesn't everything though) and by combining it with grungy knitwear, man bags and silky pyjama bottoms, Topman Design have totally reinvented this lush print. I'm predicting a massive resurgence of Paisley for next year. YAY!

IMPRESSIVE, no? I can see indie boys all over the country jumping on this look next year.

Think the middle four and very last looks are my favourites, but I love them all it's impossible to choose really! The contrast of wool and silk throughout is making me salivate - total texture freak, and although this is a menswear line, I will definitely be taking inspiration from the prints and texturisation.

I really hope Topman Design continue along this road to becoming a stand-alone menswear collective in the same vein as Topshop Unique, because seriously, they deserve the recognition.

On the whole, a massive thumbs up from me, but what do you guys reckon?

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Kitty Read said...

I just love paisley print so this gets thumbs up from me x

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