Thursday, 29 September 2011


AKA Yard666sale, this shop is possibly my most favourite on Etsy at the moment. I've already bought two things from them (vintage Rancid tshirt and religious iconography long-sleeved top, OBV) and am itching to get my paws on more tacky, trippy, witchy 90s gear.

Just check these awesome photos. I wanna be a D4NE2D33P grrrl SO bad.

So aye, this shop is amazing and these pictures are the coolest things I've seen in a loooong time.

GAHD, as Bee and Lisa have both pointed out, there's at least several hundred things on in Glasgow tonight which I can't go to as I'm back working heinous full-time shifts at my old joabby. BOO. So instead, when I get in ama make like Tavi, dress up like a goth and lip synch to Taylor Swift... PLAN.

Oh, Tavi. YOU belong with MEEEEE! Amazeballs.

Sorry if this post was pathetically lacking in any real insight much beyond the likes of GEE GUYS THIS SHIZ IS WAY COOL. Working full time is zapping all my energy at the mo. That and some inappropriate mid-week drinking *ahem*


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