Friday, 9 September 2011


Huzzah! Fashion month is upon us! Time for me to stop obsessing over vintage treasures on Etsy and turn my attention to the shows.

First up, day one at NYFW saw the return of Imitation of Christ - the label owned by Tara Subkoff which remakes and re-styles vintage pieces. Interestingly, IOC's SS12 collection is the first for years to return to this ethos, after the company went under in 2008 and returned last year with Imitation - the offshoot label which designed vintage-inspired pieces from scratch.

I browsed through a few of the collections from NYFW day one, but the 1920/30s, Gatsby-ish/Atonement-esq, dreamlike vibe of this collection stopped me in my tracks. Just stunning! The show was presented as a wedding, with Lydia Hearst as the bride. Take a look:

The dress on the right has me drooling. Seriously.

If I could go to a wedding looking like any of these three, I would.

What do you guys think of this collection? It hasn't changed my life, but it's made this pretty dreich, dreary Friday feel a whole lot better.

I really hope Imitation of Christ sticks around this time. Upscaling vintage pieces and charging a fortune for the privilege sometimes turns folk off (myself included) and I've a feeling some snobbish fashion insiders will question IOC's credibility since afterall the garments are massively simplistic, but for me that's their charm. Whatever the consensus, I'm glad I stumbled upon this. 

Whaddya reckon?

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