Wednesday, 17 October 2012


Continuing a barrage of collaborations with the hardcore fashion elite, H&M will release their latest highly-anticipated collection with Belgian design house (adored by Kanye West, randomly, among others) Maison Martin Margiela in November. And it's frickin' AWESOME!

After that horribly tacky Anna Della Russo accessories collab I found myself turning away from H&M for a while - it was just TOTES not my style, innit. Thankfully this delightful 104-piece collection is WAY more "me."

I'm sure y'all will know I'm a sucker for a collection that explores shape and volume, and MMM x H&M does this perfectly and effortlessly. The jumpers and boxy jackets are oversized but not grossly or unwearably so, with that delicious androgynous feel that makes my tummy go all funny, and the tailoring is spot on. Naturally. 

The collaboration also acts as an introduction to a somewhat lesser-known design house, as all the pieces will have a tag showing the season from which it originated. Come on, that's so CLASSY!

Will I be buying pieces from this? Well, yes, probably. The interesting jewellery, navy oversized roll-neck and men's duffle coat are all calling my name, but I can't see me rocking the baggy suit trousers or perspex wedged boots - as much as I LOVE them! I just don't have the body or "look" for edgy minimalism (a source of constant sorrow in my life) but, nevertheless, this gorgeous collaboration tickles my fashion funny bone in a BIG way and has restored the reputation of H&M in my eyes. BRAVO!

Maison Martin Margiela for H&M hits stores November 15th. One to queue up for?


beewaits said...

sweet jesus, everything is super gorgeous. not gonna lie though, kind of loved the del russo vanity cases! x

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Sakura Emme said...

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