Thursday, 11 October 2012


You know when you randomly stumble across something that's so beautiful and mesmerising that you feel like you've been hypnotised? Like, it's genuinely hard to carry on with the rest of your day?

This is like that.

In a short fashion film that was actually out last year (SO timely of me as ever!) Belgian photographer and filmmaker Pierre Debusschere collaborated with "striking French ingenue" Isild Le Besco to create the weird and wonderful 'The Lake'.

Filmed in Templeuve, a picturesque village in northern France, the beautifully crafted montage depicts the actress being enveloped by a pool of water to an ominous countdown courtesy of songwriter Valerie Leclercq from the atmospheric sister duo Half Asleep. Transformed into a mythical sea creature through metallic, opulent and fish scale-y looks dreamed up by stylist Robbie Spencer, Le Besco welcomed the "opportunity to wear magnificent, daring dresses that I would probably never have had the opportunity to wear in cinema movies.”

And yeah, it's awesome...

I love EVERYTHING about this...except maybe that creepy countdown but let's not split hairs. Nice, also, to see stylist Robbie Spencer utilising pieces from Chris Kane AW11 - a collection I raved about here.

A still from any part of this stunning film wouldn't be out of place in a legit fashion magazine, which is no surprise since Debusschere regularly shoots for KEWL titles like Dazed and Confused and V.

Here's a few of his other RAD photos.

AYE. Brilliant.


beewaits said...

I am in love! Looks gorgeous. I actually don't mind the countdown too much xx

Kirsty said...

Think I found it a bit CRINGE the first time but I like it now. Knew this would be up your street! Xx

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