Wednesday, 14 March 2012


This is a very weird, jumble of a post - apologies. Welcome to my brain.

So recently I've been getting RIGHT BACK INTO older Style Rookie posts (not even ashamed. So what if Tavi is like 15, she's the coolest person I've never met) especially the room inspiration/teen shrine
posts from last year, a la this:

I love the jumble of garish colours and sentimental nick-naks like SO much. But, I mean, you'd never know by looking at MY room, right?

Yes, Tavi is my God. And what?

The 70s vibes of the Virgin Suicides propaganda along with the Catholic pin and crucifixes and stuff got me thinking sartorially so I checked in to see if American Gold on the Spanish Moss site had any new deliveries. They didn't, but their existing gear is still right up my street. Kinda TeenWitchy, sorta 70s, a little bit Fleetwood Mac, a tad dark and occult... Perfect.

Pretty awesome, I'd be happy with any of these pieces for spring. Specially that last dress.

Unfortunately American Gold can be a bit expensive (try stupidly over-priced) so I'll be scouring more Etsy and eBay shops for my spring/summer fix. Actually, Spanish Moss themselves do a great line of vintage finds too (anyone remember when they started out as an aBay shop just like Nasty Gal? I fear I'm showing my age here!), but again only for the super rich. Nonetheless, here are few of my faves:

Perhaps not the most practical for strutting along Kilmarnock Road and maybe not everyone's cup of tea but pretty to look at :)

I'll leave you with the song I've had running round my head all day... Turn it up LOUD now.



gabriellasofia said...

I love this post! I especially love that you thought 'Virgin Suicides' when you saw this look because that's exactly what I thought and yet none of my friends have read it or seen the movie so they didn't understand lol. Fab insight.
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Caroline said...

I love the black shirt with the gold detailing. Those dresses are really pretty, bit of a boho vibe going on!

Caroline x
Caroline's Catwalk

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